Community Impacted by Cancellation of Classic Car Auction

Jun 2, 2010

Kruse International, an Auburn, Indiana-based auction firms and collector car auction company, had its auction license permanently revoked late last month by the Indiana Auctioneer Commission after complaints were made by dozens of consignors awaiting payment for cars and other items they agreed to sell, the Associated Press is reporting. Its owner, Dean Kruse, also had his auctioneer’s license suspended for two years by the commission, according to the AP.

The company hosts an auction each Labor Day weekend that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors and millions of dollars to Auburn and surrounding areas, according to The News-Sentinel.

“For years, the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival and Labor Day classic car auction at the 480-acre Kruse Auction Park have attracted more than 200,000 tourists to Auburn-and other spots in northeast Indiana, including Fort Wayne,” the paper reported. “Those visitors translated into huge dollars not only for Kruse, but also for the Auburn community.”

The city still plans to host the Duesenberg Festival, and two smaller car auctions are also planned for Labor Day weekend, according to The News-Sentinel, but officials still fear the city and surrounding communities will be negatively impacted by the cancellation of the Kruse auction.

“-¦ the biggest hit, if the auction does not occur, will be felt in hotels not just in DeKalb County, but also surrounding counties including Allen, and in restaurants around the region,” The News-Sentinel reported. “Booking a hotel room on Labor Day weekend within 50 miles of Auburn is nearly impossible thanks to the auction and surrounding events, and no auction will mean a loss.”

The attorney for Dean Kruse told the AP that his client hopes to find another auction company to run the Labor Day weekend auction.

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