Collecting Customer Contact Information on Your Website

May 31, 2011

During the Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show‘s “How the Internet Can Help Your Business: Internet Marketing on the Cheap” seminar, the panelists discussed the importance of gathering contact information from all website visitors.

A “Contact Us” page is one way to gather that information. How can you get site visitors to share their information on that page?

Khoa Bui, founder of Khoa Bui International, an Internet-marketing firm based in Perth, Australia, offered advice on doing just that in a recent article.

“Every website has a unique goal, whether it’s to contact your company, download a particular product, purchase a product, set an appointment, or sign up for your newsletter,” Bui wrote. “Your call to action depends on the nature of your website goal. You need to craft your call to action to not just achieve your goal, but to relate that goal to your target traffic.”

He provided several suggestions on crafting a good call to action, including using verbs, offering incentives and making the contact form easily accessible.

“Finally, direct visitors to an automatic thank-you page after they fill out the form,” Bui wrote. “This builds trust and shows them that you care about them. It also ensures that the visit doesn’t immediately end after the form is complete.”

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