Cleaning Up Your Company’s Online Reputation

Jan 21, 2011

PC World blogger Sarah Jacobsson Purewal offered small businesses advice on how to improve their online reputations in a recent article.

“If you own a small or medium business, a good reputation-online and offline-is clearly key to your success,” she wrote. “The Internet can overwhelm users with information, so anything negative-especially if it appears high is search results-can have a drastically harmful effect on your success and how people see you.”

“Ignoring how you or your company appears in search results and ratings on websites has arguably never been more perilous,” Jacobsson Purewal continued.

In the article, Jacobsson Purewal discusses whether or not a company should pay for online reputation management and offers suggestions on how companies can best manage their online reputation, whether they use an outside company or not. Regardless of whether a business owner hires an outside company to manage their online reputation or elects someone within the business to handle this task, Jacobsson Purewal stressed the importance of a company’s online reputation.

“Unfortunately, bad things have a way of snowballing-or ‘going viral’-on the Internet, so it’s possible that a bad hit to your reputation can become a big deal if you handle it poorly or fail to handle it at all,” she wrote. “In these situations, having someone-whether it be a professional company or a full-time staff member-dedicated to protecting your reputation can be very helpful. If your online reputation is getting too hot to handle, for whatever reason, bringing in professional help should remove some of the stress. But no matter how professional a company or individual dedicated to online reputation management may be, ultimately they can’t do anything that you couldn’t do yourself with enough time and persistence.”

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