Classic Recreations Showcased a Pro-Touring 1966 GT350CR Shelby During SEMA

Nov 7, 2016

Oklahoma’s Classic Recreations introduced a new take on the iconic Shelby GT350 when it debuted a new addition to its fully licensed Shelby continuation car line: the Shelby GT350CR Pro-Touring. The car features revised bodywork, a Ford Racing Coyote V8 wearing a new GT350 intake, advanced suspension by Detroit Speed & Engineering, a BASF paint job inspired by the famous Essex Wire GT350 race car, and new wheels by American Racing. The car made its official debut in the American Racing booth on Nov. 1 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The revamped GT350CR features a number of changes over the previous model. The engine is a 32 valve aluminum 5.0-liter Coyote engine from Ford racing though in this instance, the intake has been swapped out for the unit from the 5.2-liter Voodoo engine which normally lives in the new Ford Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustangs. This upgrade increases the horsepower count nearly 40 horses.

The chassis has benefitted from a number of upgrades including coilovers and swaybars as well as a four-link rear end which should help keep this pony on the road, even under spirited driving conditions. The wheels and tires for the GT350CR are new to Classic Recreations. The wheels come from American Racing and are part of its Forged Series. These strong, yet lightweight wheels sized 18×9 up front and 18×11 out back are shod in a set of sticky BF Goodrich Rival tires sized 265/25/18 in the front and 315/30/18 in the rear, which should make putting the Coyote’s power to the ground no challenge at all.

The biggest updates to the GT350CR come in the form of modifications to the body that make this one of the meanest looking Mustangs to ever roll out of Yukon, Oklahoma-based shop. The first panel to get an update is the hood which is a now a custom deep-draw design that should help get heat out of the engine bay. Next the 350 gets the side exhaust rocker panels and a chin spoiler from its GT500CR big brother. The American Racing wheels now live under flared fenders at all four corners, giving the car an aggressive stance. The bumper has been raised slightly for a smoother, more integrated look. The GT350CR also features a front apron from the classic GT350CR model.

“We’ve been building Mustangs for a long time, but this is easily one of the coolest cars we’ve ever built,” said Jason Engel, founder of Classic Recreations. “The exterior modifications change the look of the whole car and now it just looks mean. The exterior really matches the driving experience.”

In addition to the new panel work, all of the exterior trim on the GT350CR has been matched to the body color which modernizes the entire look of the car. The exterior of the redesigned GT350 is coated in a beautiful and durable BASF Glasurit finish.

Inside the cockpit, there are big changes as well in the form of a touch JCV touch screen Apple CarPlay integration as well as an optional in-dash iPad setup. These help to bring these classic ponies into the modern age with full Siri compatibility and bluetooth connectivity.

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