Classic Cars and Trucks Stolen, Sold for Scrap

Apr 13, 2010

Two Oklahoma City news stations are reporting that Cleveland County, Oklahoma, detectives recently discovered that at least three county residents were involved in the theft and fraudulent acquisition of classic vehicles to be sold as scrap metal.

News 9 and NewsChannel 4 interviewed detectives and salvage yard owners involved in the case, which has led to three arrests.

The investigation began when a man reported that he had sold a truck to another man, but was never paid for the vehicle.

Detectives learned that the truck was taken to a salvage yard and sold for scrap metal immediately following the sale, according to the news reports.

Detectives then discovered that more people were involved in obtaining scrap vehicles that included two 1950s model Chevrolet cars, a 1948 Hudson Hornet and a Studebaker pickup truck.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office said the price of scrap metal has recently climbed from $60 per ton to $200 per ton, according to the reports.

To get paid for scrap metal, the salvage yard makes a copy of the seller’s driver’s license, and takes down the vehicle identification number (VIN), year and make of the car.

By law, no proof of ownership is required if the car is more than 10 years old.

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