Charity Work, More Than Just A Good Deed… It’s Good Business

Nov 30, 2009

From the moment you mention doing work for a charity or helping with a charity project or event, many people think things like, “Sounds like a good cause, and I’d get involved if I had more time, money, etc.” It’s just one excuse after another, but have you ever stopped to think about all of the benefits for your business beyond the “good deed” you’re performing? Probably not.

Now, we’re not saying you should get involved with charity work just to help yourself, the main goal is still to help out those in need, so make sure you keep your priorities in line when becoming involved. However, there are beneficial side effects for you and your business when working with a charity, and that’s what we would like to point out to you.

First and Foremost

When you get involved with a charity project or event, you will most likely be donating something-even if it’s just your time. In return, the project or event will be putting your name on their vehicle or posted at their event, listed in their flyers and on whatever various marketing pieces they will be using to promote their charitable cause.

Think about it, for a few parts or products donated or some of your precious time and expertise, you’re going to get free quality advertising on all of the charity’s marketing materials. That’s worth a lot more than any amount of a few items or hours of time you may be donating.

Mix that in with the fact that since it’s a charity or philanthropic project, more people will be inclined to read the sponsor list, or read the event flyer, etc. That’s more eyeballs [potential customers] that now are starting to recognize your company name. Sounds like a pretty good deal so far, right? But wait, there’s more.

Good Associations

So, now you’re considering getting involved in a charity project, think of all the good you will be doing in your industry or community. Helping those in need is a great image to be associated with any business, and now it’s associated with yours.

People in your industry or community are much more likely to remember you were involved in any charity project or event over the fact that you have a sale at your location. Putting long-term name recognition versus a possible short term “pop by” on the day a sale ad comes out, which one do you think would be better for your business? By becoming involved in charity work and advertising you can have both. Being associated with a charity in peoples’ minds will make your ad dollars go further. I can hear your cash registers ringing as we speak.

In addition to helping the community or industry and the free advertising coupled with the word-of-mouth that will be out there about your company, there’s, also, the additional media you will now be able to reach. Most charities or charitable projects have a wide range of people that they reach. This means a varied new type of media coverage for you, depending on what the project or event is will of course determine the media that will be interested in covering.

Whether there are any new media outlets outside of your familiar realm covering it or not, all media associated with helping others is good media. You never know how many “new customers” will be reading/watching/listening to the media coverage on that event. That’s a whole new group of people that you are reaching while you are helping those in need. Sounds like a pretty good way to up your client base and solidify your good name, right?

Choosing A Charity

Now that you have decided to get involved with a charity, how do you choose which one to work with? Well, that’s easy.

Start with your passion and look for organizations that help those in need by doing something you love. Then determine how involved or what kind of projects or events you want to be involved in and what will be most beneficial for those you are helping and your company.

Finally, decide if you want to be involved locally, nationally or both. From here, you should have a good feeling about one charity or project and are on the road to experiencing the philanthropic benefits that are awaiting you.

Just Remember

Helping those in need will not only help you and your business, but it will put a smile on your face and the faces of the lives you are touching just by helping out. And know that no matter what charity or project you choose, you made the right choice, simply because you chose to help and get involved.