Central Seating

Dec 3, 2009

Car dealers have been doing whatever is necessary to attract customers and close deals. It’s well known that many car shoppers become buyers when they see a vehicle with even just a few jazzy upgrades. And that holds for whether the vehicle is brand-spanking new or a near-new one that a dealer has picked up at an auction or as a trade-in.

Put on some sharp-looking wheels and a shopper gets closer. But have her or him open the door and see, feel and smell those new leather seats and their senses just about transport them to signing on the dotted line.

Restylers who handle interior work know how favorable the margins are. For those of you pondering or getting ready to embrace interior restyling, here’s a tutorial that will give you the insight into how it’s done right.

For this project we installed a Katzkin single-tone, factory-match Camry kit for the 2010 Toyota Camry SE. We are upgrading the stock factory cloth interior of the front and rear seats and all four door panels.

One installer can completely reupholster this vehicle with a Katzkin leather interior in about four to six hours. Three-row vehicles take approximately seven hours to complete.