Casey Currie has created the ultimate Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited for his 2017 racing season

Casey Currie Introduces Project Vehicle at Easter Jeep Safari

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Bestop-sponsored off-road racer Casey Currie has created the ultimate Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited for his 2017 racing season. Currie will first drive the 2017 four-door project vehicle that includes a long list of upgrades at Easter Jeep Safari, which begins April 8 in Moab, Utah. The Jeep build features a Bestop TrekTop NX Glide soft top and windows along with a host of other American-made aftermarket products that Currie believes represent the best of American racing ingenuity and the off-road lifestyle, according to Curry.

"Our new Jeep Wrangler JK is all about the quality of American-made parts," Currie said. "We selected all of the best components available, put it together and made an extremely capable heavy-duty vehicle capable of extreme off-roading that can also be driven on the street."

Other products used on the project Jeep include Fox shocks, Currie big axles, Wilwood brakes, Baja Designs light bar and a Warn winch. The Wrangler JK has aluminum half doors fitted with Bestop windows to provide easy, open-air access while keeping weight to a minimum.

"I must also believe in the lifestyle of the brands I use,” Currie said. “Bestop supports the Jeep culture. Plus, they've been the sole supplier of soft tops for Jeep Wranglers at the original equipment level for more than thirty years, so, that's why their reputation for offering top quality products is well known throughout the industry."

The specially outfitted Jeep Wrangler will be used by Currie in off-road shows and competitions throughout this year, including 4Wheel Parts' Jeep & Truck Fest events, the 36 Hours of Uwharrie in North Carolina and as a chase and support vehicle for Currie's own Baja 500 and Baja 1000 Trophy Truck race team. Made for the toughest and rockiest trails, the heavy duty off-road Jeep will cover more than 2,000 miles of dirt roads in Baja races and also take to the highway with no modifications as it travels across the country from event to event.

With all of its style and unique enhancements, the vehicle will also be featured on the Trail of Missions TV show hosted by Cameron Steele on the ABC Sports Network.

Currie's Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited project build features:

  • 4x4 sPOD wiring - 600-0915LT-LED
  • ARB compressor - CKMA12
  • ARB RockJock 70 locker - 70-ARBH
  • Baja Designs 10-inch light bar - 411002
  • Bartact seat covers: front - AC2013FPBO and rear - SC2013R4BO
  • Bestop NX Glide soft top
  • Bestop windows: front doors - 5179835 and rear doors - 5179935
  • BFGoodrich 39 Krawler tires - 30857
  • Black Forest refrigerator -  5012267
  • CRC fiberglass fenders - CRC-12-130101
  • CRC fiberglass hood - CRC-12-140101
  • CRC front bumper - CRC-12-100101 and rear bumper - CRC-12-110101
  • CRC rock rails - CRC-11-120101
  • Currie Enterprises heavy duty steering - CE-9703
  • Currie Enterprises suspension kit with aluminum arms - CE-9807JCE with CE-9807FLAB and CE-9807RLAB
  • Currie Enterprises sway bars (included in CE-9807JCE)
  • Detroit Locker 60-DLLO
  • Factor 55 fairlead - 00016
  • Factor 55 flatlink - 00050-04
  • Fox bump stops: front - 883-02-129 and rear - 883-02-128
  • Fox shocks: front - 883-06-068 and rear - 883-06-069
  • KMC Machete wheels - XD2287850M500
  • LeadNav navigation pack with GPS puck - LN-MP-PRO97-LC-M with DUAL-X16
  • Magnaflow exhaust - 15237
  • Motive Gears - 60-538RS and 70-538RS
  • PSC ram assist - PSC-SK271
  • Rear End: RockJock 70 40 spline 3.5" tube with load bolt - JK-RJ70R8
  • RockJock 60 VXR 3.5" tube front end with load bolt - JK-RJ60VXRF4
  • Savvy half doors: front - SAV-JKFHD and rear - SAV-JKRHD
  • Spicer drive shafts: front - 10020345 and rear - 10049168
  • Warn winch 9800 - 95960
  • Wilwood Big Brakes 14" - CE-6014JKF
  • Wilwood 13" Big Brake kit upgrade - CE-6014JKR

For more information, visit or call 800-845-3567.