CarTech Releases Book on Supercharging & Turbocharging LS-Series Engines

Jun 19, 2010

“How to Supercharge & Turbocharge GM LS-Series Engines” is a new book released by CarTech Books that covers supercharger and turbocharger design and operation in detail. It aims to give the reader a solid understanding of each system.

The attributes of Roots-type and centrifugal-type superchargers and turbochargers are discussed, including the benefits and drawbacks of each system, as well as the impact of those systems on the vehicle.

Other topics covered in the book include installation challenges, necessary tools, and time required to do the job. Cathedral, square and D-shaped port design heads are covered in terms of performance, strength and reliability of the rotating assembly, block and other components.

The book, which is written by Barry Kluczyk, also covers tuning, maintenance and how to avoid detonation. Kluczyk also explains how to adjust electronic management systems to accommodate a supercharger or turbocharger. The book features 144 pages and 388 color photos.

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