California Senate Committee Votes Not to Increase Specially Constructed Vehicle Class

Jun 25, 2010

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) has announced that a state Senate committee failed to approve a California bill to increase the specially constructed class from 500 to 750 vehicles per year. The bill, which was passed by the state Assembly, was defeated in the California Senate Transportation Committee on a three-to-five vote.

Current California law provides for emissions-system certification and a model-year designation for specially constructed vehicles, according to SAN. Under the law, vehicle owners choose whether a smog test referee certifies the engine model year or the vehicle model year.

To determine model year, inspectors compare the vehicle to those of the era that the vehicle most closely resembles. If there’s no close match, it’s classified as a 1960 vehicle. Only those emission controls applicable to the model year and that can be reasonably accommodated by the vehicle are required. The California Department of Motor Vehicles provides a new registration to the first 500 specially constructed vehicles per year that meet the criteria.

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