Boondock Bumpers’ 95R Series Offers Lighting Customization

Jan 10, 2014

Oklahoma City-based Boondock Bumpers has never hesitated to release new products that keep up with the latest trends. The company’s new 95R Series front bumper is no different.

The 95R Series was designed to meet demand for an affordable bumper that’s American-made and could also accomodate the latest lighting trends. Each bumper includes two sets of recessed mounting holes for mounting various configurations of LED lights. It can hold one set of 10-inch LED light bars or “stacked” square LED lights, specifically lights made by Rigid Industries, according to Matt Cartwright, vice president of sales and marketing at Boondock Bumpers.

“Most companies just offer bumpers with four-by-four squares for the Rigid Dually Lights, or they cut one a space for one light bar in the center,” Cartwright said. “We decided to make ours a little different. It can accommodate a 10-inch Rigid E-Series Light Bar on each side, but then it also comes standard to accept three stacked LED Duallys on each side instead.”

Although there are other brands of lights that meet certain specifications to fit into the bumper’s holes, Boondock Bumpers chooses to partner companies like Rigid to support American manufacturing.

“We really try to support American-made, American manufacturing jobs and the industry,” Cartwright said.

The idea to cut out space in bumpers to house fog lights was born when Boondock Bumpers created a custom bumper that housed 10-inch LED light bars for’s Storm Truck project vehicle. Bumpers that offer the opportunity for lighting customization quickly became a trend, and Boondock Bumpers has experienced strong demand for the bumpers, according to Cartwright. The company is actually doubling its production to meet demand, he said.

Since all of Boondock’s base bumpers come ready to accommodate accessories, dealers don’t have to stock as many products to meet customer’s needs.

“The other thing about all of our bumpers is they offer the bull bar and bolt-on applications, so distributors and any stocking dealers literally have to stock half the inventory for the same amount of SKUs compared to any other bumper company,” Cartwright said. “It’s a lot less capital and overhead needed to be a stocking dealer.”

The 95R Series also is engineered to accommodate a 16.5i Warn winch. The bumper features a 3/16-inch steel hand welded heavy duty outer shell and 1/4-inch steel internal mounting brackets.

“What really sets apart as a company is our whole goal is to make these affordable for the common working guy, not just show vehicle owners,” Cartwright said.

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