Bookshelf: New Releases Offer Tips to Drivetrain Builders

Apr 20, 2010

Motorbooks has released the second edition of its Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book, a 240-page guide to every V-8 engine ever produced. General specs are provided for each engine, as well as part numbers for basic engine components.

Details on displacement, horsepower, torque, carburetion, fuel injection, compression ratio, internal dimensions and other specs are also provided in this book, which is designed to be a one-stop-shop of valuable information for V-8 engine builders, collectors and restorers.

The book, which is written by Peter C. Sessler, covers more than a half-century of domestic passenger car V-8 engines. It has been expanded from its first edition and now includes additional information, as well as reorganization of content. All of the major manufacturers, including GM, Chrysler, Ford, as well as independents such as AMC and Studebaker, are covered in this comprehensive guide, said the publisher.

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CarTech Books has also released a new book designed to help those working on the drivetrain of a vehicle. The new, revised edition of How to Rebuild and Modify High-Performance Manual Transmissions expands on the original edition and now contains a complete step-by-step rebuild of a Chrysler A833 transmission.

Other topics included in the 144-page book include disassembly, inspection, modifications/upgrades and rebuilding processes, all of which are written in step-by-step format.

The book is written by transmission expert and designer Paul Cangialosi, who guides readers through the rebuilding process for most major high-performance transmissions, including BorgWarner T10 and Super T10, GM/Muncie, Ford Toploader and Tremec T5.

Also included in the book is peripheral information on other systems that are related to manual transmissions, including clutches, speedometer cables, gearing and more.

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