Bidding farewell to a friend and aftermarket ally

Apr 5, 2013

Although I’ve only served as Restyling’s staff writer for seven months, I’ve managed to learn that relationships and enthusiasm are key ingredients to success in the aftermarket industry.

Restyling has established a multitude of allies and valuable relationships since its 1998 edification, but one of the publication’s biggest supporters over the last five years has been Editor Alan Farb.

“Alan Farb joined the Restyling team in 2008, just as the recession was preparing to slash the magazine’s ad revenue by 50 percent. With a firm hand on the editorial wheel, Alan helped guide Restyling through the worst downturn in recent history,” said Terry Wike, Restyling’s former publisher and new director of sales for the Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show.

On April 1, Farb stepped down as editor of the publication to transition into retirement, and needless to say, his guidance will be dearly missed.

Unlike many industry enthusiasts, Farb may claim to have no personal automotive interests, but his extensive knowledge could likely fool any aftermarket veteran. And his respect for accessory dealers and restylers is inherently reflected through his quality work.

Those who were lucky enough to work with Farb know that he is regularly modest about his own abilities, but is always willing to offer advice, insight or encouragement with a sincere smile. His role as editor always seemed to be driven by his signature good humor and dedication.

Although Farb didn’t specify any detailed plans for his retirement, he most likely will spend more time soaking up sun in the Colorado outdoors, traveling with his wife Linda and continuing his involvement with organizations that fight against genocide.

Best wishes, Alan. We will miss you!