Battery-Powered Bigfoot

Nov 9, 2012

EnerSys debuted the Odyssey Battery Bigfoot No. 20 Monster Truck, the first electric monster truck manufactured by Bigfoot 4×4, Inc., at the 2012 SEMA Show.

The monster truck has a custom-designed 2012 fiberglass body and includes a battery-powered electric motor that was designed and built by Dennis Berube of Phoenix to wield high horsepower and high rpm capabilities.

Three banks of 10 Odyssey batteries power the engine with 360 volts and six additional Odyssey batteries power the brakes and steering systems, according to an EnerSys press release.

“We’ve been sponsoring Bigfoot monster trucks for almost 10 years,” said Dave McMullen, director of commercial marketing for specialty and UPS markets at EnerSys. “The punishing conditions of a monster truck race are a perfect demonstration of Odyssey batteries at their rugged best. We are particularly excited to be part of the world’s first battery-powered monster truck, and are proud of Bigfoot 4×4, Inc.’s confidence in our batteries that they play such a crucial role in the truck’s performance.”

Other custom features include on-board battery chargers and a variable-speed programmable speed controller. Each of the 36 Odyssey PC1200 batteries that power the electric vehicle weigh 38.2 pounds, but provide 1,200 five-second pulse hot-cranking amps as well as 540 cold-cranking amps, 78 minutes of reserve capacity and 400 cycles of deep-cycle capability at 80-percent depth of discharge, the release stated.