Backseat Drivers

Jan 2, 2012

A headrest DVD How-To gives rear-seat occupants a different view.

Our vehicles keep turning more into our homes away from home. We’re getting more “connected” nowadays with navigation, real-time traffic updates, satellite radio, WiFi -” all that makes modern vehicles even more personal and conducive to our lifestyles.

Infotainment devices, such as in-dash, roof drop-down and rear-facing headrest-mounted  monitors have become even more part of the in-vehicle entertainment systems that manufacturers make available, but that, mostly, overwhelmingly, are offered and installed by aftermarket specialists.

In this How-To, Tops & Trends, Kernersville, N.C., installs a Rosen Entertainment AV7500 DVD unit into a Katzkin Leather headrest for the Rosen AV7500 in conjunction with Katzkin pattern J2KI42t as part of an aftermarket restyling of a 2011Kia Optima.

Because several seat manufacturers and headrest DVD makers offer similar products and installation instructions, it’s always recommended that restylers carefully follow manufacturers’ directions and contact them with any questions.

Here’s an in-depth look at how to perform the install using the Rosen system with the Katzkin headrest cover.

Step 1: Seats with original headrests.

Step 2: Measure headrest post diameter and center distance to verify replacement unit.

Step 3: Using a screwdriver, remove the adjustment screws for the post on the new Rosen headrest and remove headrest post.

Step 4: Install Katzkin headrest cover.

Step 5: Wrap Katzkin cover to the headrest bun housing and staple.

Step 6: Clip Katzkin headrest cover together.

Step 7: Reinstall headrest post.

Step 8: Route the wires from the Rosen monitor through right headrest post (looking at the rear of the headrest).

Step 9: Snap Rosen monitor into headrest bun.

Step 10: Check to see monitor firmly attached.

Step 11: Repeat previous install steps for second headrest.

Step 12: You must position the electric seat to the proper position before disconnecting the battery.

Step 13: Remove seat mounting bolt trim cover and bolts.

Step 14: Using a 10mm wrench, disconnect the negative wire on the battery and wait 15 minutes before disconnecting any power plugs.

Step 15: After the 15-minute time frame disconnect any power plugs.

Step 16: Remove seat and place on bench.

Step 17: Remove lean-back trim panel.

Step 18: Route the video monitor cable through the headrest post in the top of the lean-back.

Step 19: Install headrest in the top of the lean-back and lift the headrest into the highest position so when routing wires you maintain enough slack in the wires for the headrest to operate properly up and down.

Step 20: Make sure wires are secure inside lean-back.

Step 21: Route the wires under the carpet (so they will be hidden) to whichever side you’re going to install the brain for the monitors.

Step 22: This is how wires will come out under the carpeting.

Step 23: Connect wires to brain box.

Step 24: Reinstall seat.

Step 25: Re-install lean-back.

Step 26: Seat complete.

Step 27: Monitors on for test.

Step 28: Always demonstrate the features for your customer.