Avery Dennison Partners with Giovanna Wheels for Custom Combinations

Mar 27, 2015

Until now, no one has ever made an official connection between two popular forms of automotive self-expression: vehicle wraps and high-end aftermarket wheels. That has changed with the introduction of the Giovanna Edition Supreme Wrapping Film by Avery Dennison, new vinyl wrap films made in custom colors solely for Giovanna Wheels.

Diko Sulahian is president and founder of WTW Corp., the parent company of Giovanna and other high-end wheel brands. Sulahian and Avery announced their partnership this month at a Wrap Extravaganza event he hosted at his “man cave” not far from his home in Newport Beach, Calif.

The films are the same material and specs as all of Avery Dennison’s Supreme line of films, but come in three colors developed in partnership with Sulahian: Satin Pearl Nero, a black with traces of pearl; Satin Pearl Cielo Blu; and Matte Metallic Grigio, a gray with metallic highlights.

“We’re really excited because this is the first of its kind in terms of a vinyl manufacturer and a wheel manufacturer pairing together to really broaden what the aftermarket space is with wheels and vinyl and really tying it altogether,” said Abby Gibbs, channel programs manager for Avery Dennison.

At the Wrap Extravaganza, Sulahian and Avery Dennison invited Tire and Wheel Master in Houston; SS Customs in Redwood City, Calif.; Phenomenal Vinyl in Oceanside, N.Y.; Wrap Specialists in Linden, N.J.; and Identity Design in Jacksonville, Fla. The cars they wrapped-all from Sulahian’s stable of vehicles-included a Maserati Ghibli, a Porsche 918 Spyder, a Lamborghini Huracan, and a McLaren P1 customized just for him.

“Vinyl is, in my opinion, such an important part; the icing on the cake,” Sulahian said. “It’s like the final touch that you could do to make the biggest difference on a car.”

As for the colors-and the agreement between the two sides means there may be more in the future-they came from Sulahian’s ideas. He had approached automobile manufacturers about making some of them but they had never been able to pull them off correctly, he said.

“What is really awesome about the colors that Diko picked is that pearls are really hot on the market right now, as well as metallic,” Gibbs said. “So his three colors are really on-trend, if not beyond the trends that we’ve been seeing out today in the marketplace. This car enthusiast market, they’re not just looking at wraps, they’re looking at wheels, they’re looking at tires, they’re looking at exhaust, they’re looking at the full package.”