An Avalanche of Color

May 1, 2012

At ErikDesigns, its namesake owner, Erik L. Dickson, handles graphics, lettering and signage. But he does love taking stock vehicles and giving their owners something to smile about (and something for onlookers to gander at) once he transforms how they look.

Here, he transformed a 2011 Chevy Avalanche Z-71. The truck…no, SUV…well, it’s a bit of both, really, already boasts a unique profile. But even a sporty vehicle like the Avalanche can get a makeover to make it sportier-looking.

To transform the stock look and color of the Avalanche, Dickson’s team employed FLX-Paint, a graphics film made from paint. The colors are Atlas Orange, Tungsten Metallic and Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl. Everything but the “e” is FLX-Paint.

The silver 2011 Z-71model came with a lot of products that aftermarket installers usually have a chance to add onto the vehicle, such as step bars that are part of this Avalanche package. Still, aftermarket opportunities never need slip by. The grille guard is a Westin Ultimate Bull Bar with PIAA 540 driving lights. “I have dealt both directly with the manufacturer and in the past,” Dickson says; “but in this instance ordered them through my dealer.

The Ziniks rims are wrapped with Kumho rubber, purchased from the Tire Rack. Since these photos, ErikDesigns added an EGR Superguard hood shield andWeatherTech splash guards from MacNeil Automotive.