Asking Customers to Create Web Content

Jan 25, 2012

With all the responsibilities you have in running your business, finding time to create original content for your website, blog or social media pages can be near impossible.

Maybe you should consider asking your customers to the content for you, John Jantsch suggested in a recent Duct Tape Marketing article.

“Your customers, the ones that already know, like and trust you, are more equipped to tell the real story of your business than an army of writers in any marketing department, so why not engage them to do just that,” Jantsch wrote.

Jantsch offered the following suggestions for encouraging customers to create content for your shop:

One question testimonial. “Create a survey that asks every customer one question,” he wrote. “On a scale of 1-10 how likely is it that you would refer us…For the 8-“10 answers, redirect them to a form that allows them to submit a testimonial and ask them to check a box if they would agree to be interviewed for a case study.”

Video appreciation party. “Once a year or so hold a client appreciation event to say thanks and create a networking event for your clients and prospects,” Jantsch wrote. “Hire a video crew for the event and, after a few bottles of wine have been emptied, ask some of your [customers] to talk about their experience with your [shop] on camera.”

Tell us your story. “Getting your customers to share their experience is a very powerful form of content,” he wrote. “You can sit across the desk and interview your customers in order to extract this kind of content or you can employ a handful of tools that make it very easy to capture these stories.”

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