Are you sending your customers “out the door” once they have finally stepped into your store?

Jul 22, 2011

If a customer came into your store and found the product he was looking for, would you show him out the door and point him to another store?

Well, some restylers are doing just that. Only they’re doing that on their websites.

That’s right. When customers go to your website and see you have, for example, paint protection film from XYZ Films or body kits from QRST Body Kits, and then click on XYZ’s or QRST’s icon, they often leave YOUR site and go to someone else’s – and not return to yours!

Manufacturers’ websites have long been supporting dealers with easily accessible product information, so it seemed logical at the time for restylers to provide a link on their website to every manufacturer being represented. Logical, maybe for the purpose of educating the customer, but not good for the restyler, as the shopper has now left the building, so to speak.

At my company, Retro USA, we saw this as a concern for our retailers, so we devised a new marketing tool to our restylers/dealers. It’s a new kind of click-through for restylers that keeps the shoppers on their websites. Think of it as inserting brochures into your website. These “electronic” brochure pages, designed specifically for the restyler, include the restyler’s phone number and logo, and complete product information. We even supply our Retro USA banner ads to be placed on the restyler’s home page for a click-through to these pages -“ which appear to be part of the restyler’s website but are actually hosted by Retro USA.

I don’t want this to sound like an ad for my company because my point is that we don’t think that you as a restyler should have customers who come to your website have to leave to find the products only on your supplier’s/manufacturer’s website. We want to help you keep your customers on YOUR website and buying your manufacturers’ products from YOU.