Angie Johnson Named Goodguys 2012 Woman of the Year

Jul 14, 2012

Angie Johnson of Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop in Gadsden, Alabama, was named Goodguys 2012 Woman of the Year during a special ceremony at the Goodguys 15th PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio, the association has announced.

Johnson’s passion for vintage cars, hard work and 19-year-long commitment to the hot rodding industry, along with her prominent role as partner in Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop, made her an easy choice for the prestigious honor, Goodguys said in a statement.

Her interest in classic cars and hot rods was evident from the time she was a child, according to Goodguys.

Her father Gene told the association that when she was just a little girl, it was cars, not dolls that sparked Johnson’s interest.

She was the first kid at her high school to drive a Pontiac Fiero, a car that attracted her future husband and business partner Alan, according to Goodguys.

She and Alan’s first date was to a World of Wheels event where he was showing a customized Volkswagen.

A degree in marketing from the University of Alabama combined with years of building and showing award-winning street rods and high-performance muscle cars have given her the necessary credentials to develop Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop into one of the country’s premier car builders, according to Goodguys.

The shop is credited with building two Goodguys Street Rod of the Year winners, a Street Machine of the Year winner, a Ridler Award winner, Mother’s Shine Award winners and a 200-mph record-holding Bonneville land speed race car along with dozens of other hi-end projects.

Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop has also received the Chrysler Design Award at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The Goodguys Woman of the Year award is presented annually in honor of the late Karen Bloechl, who was instrumental in the formative years of the Goodguys Association, and recognizes a female industry executive who serves to preserve the integrity and growth of the hot rodding industry.

Past recipients of the Goodguys Woman of the year include: Margie Popp (1991), Ginny Lobeck (1992), Sue Brizio (1993), Maryann Harmon (1994), Karen Doe (1995), DeEtte Crow (1996), Jane Callison (1997), Gayle Stutts (1998), Judy Mullins (1999), Debbie Walls (2000), Jeannie Daly (2001), Donna Smith (2002), Debbie Lewis (2003), Jeanette Ladina (2004), Joyce Smith (2005), Barb Davison (2006), Stacy Tucker (2007), Lynn Nace (2008), “Landspeed” Louise Noeth (2009), Janeen Webb (2010) and Cristina Fronzaglia (2011).

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