American Fabrication Absorbs 3dCarbon Operations in Merger Agreement

Mar 6, 2015

The business and manufacturing operations of 3dCarbon have merged with American Fabrication Corp., which is now licensed to use the 3dCarbon tooling, proprietary manufacturing process, marketing and branding.

3dCarbon operations have moved from Newport Beach, Calif., to American Fabrication’s headquarters in Anaheim, Calif., where the Xenon and GT Styling brands of molded polyurethane automotive body styling parts are produced.

American Fabrication will begin manufacturing 3dCarbon product March 9, according to the company. The existing 3dCarbon product line will continue to be available and manufactured in the same proprietary process and with the same raw materials developed by the company.

“The big thing that will change for 3dCarbon customers and our customers is having more product to purchase,” said Jodee Smith, the executive vice president of American Fabrication Corp. “Xenon is a 40-year-old company that has been in the auto aftermarket designing, tooling and manufacturing different types of parts for a long time-and we also have another company, GT Styling Products such as acrylic headlight, taillight covers and vent guards. By adding 3dCarbon, we really have a broad line of products covering many different niches, including Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Charger, a variety of trucks and Jeep.”

Aftermarket retailers who work with American Fabrication have an opportunity to diversify their product offerings, Smith said.

“We can figure out ways to work with dealers to consolidate orders and achieve freight discounts-everybody is a winner,” she said.

3dCarbon sales inquiries should now be directed to sales and customer service manager Colbert Krong (

Ernie Bunnell and Billy Longfellow, who together co-founded 3dCarbon in 2005, have both left the company. Bunnell will temporarily serve as a consultant to American Fabrication Corp. during the 3dCarbon transition.

Meanwhile, Longfellow has agreed to join Air Design, the Mexico City-based automotive accessories producer that has shared a manufacturing and distribution partnership with 3dCarbon since 2010. Serving as vice president of product development, Longfellow will work to launch Air Design USA, which will design and distribute Air Design accessories from a new facility in Carlsbad, Calif.

“Air Design USA’s philosophy and market approach will be to come up with the most unique designs, with the best quality and fit, and at a price that our vendors can sell and profit from,” he said.

Air Design and 3dCarbon will maintain their current distribution terms.

All 3dCarbon employees-including manufacturing, customer service and shipping personnel-are now employed by American Fabrication. The original 3dCarbon phone numbers and email addresses are still active and can be used for sales inquiries.