2016 Ford Mustang with a hood scoop kit by Air Design USA

AirDesign USA Enters Licensing Deal with Ford for Mustang Accessories

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Mustang Scoop Kits by AirDesign USA are now officially licensed by Ford and available through dealerships that offer accessories.

Oceanside, California-based AirDesign USA now offers three Mustang Scoop Kits through Ford, including the company’s Hood Scoop, Quarter Panel Scoop and Quarter Window Scoop. The scoops fit 2015 and after Mustang models.

“The three scoops are pre-painted satin black, so you don’t have to worry about painting and they’re a pretty easy install. I can install three of them in an hour-and-a-half drinking a cup of coffee,” said Billy Longfellow, vice president of design and engineering for AirDesign USA.

The AirDesign USA Hood Scoop Kits can also be painted to match a car’s finish, according to Ford. The scoops are made from a polyurethane construction.