After Effect and Larry The Cable Guy ‘Git-R-Done’ for Charity

Dec 10, 2014

Larry the Cable Guy’s charitable Git-R-Done Foundation and Lincoln, Neb.-based truck accessories supplier, After Effect, have come together through Git-R-Done Productions to offer an exclusive line of bull and step bars that aid charitable causes through. A portion of each purchase will go to the Git-R-Done Foundation to “help people who have experienced hardship beyond their control,” according to the foundation.

Larry the Cable Guy, whose actual name is Dan Whitney, started the foundation to raise funds for various charities that aid children and veterans, particularly focusing on hip dysplasia in children. The foundation raised and donated more than $6 million in its first two years of existence.

After Effect works directly with Git-R-Done Productions, which is the company that works for the Git-R-Done Foundation to create branded products, according to Katie Haszard, director of branded products for Lincoln Industries.

Through the partnership, After Effect benefits from a celebrity endorsement, and Git-R-Done benefits from a portion of the sales and publicity. Each product in the line has the phrase “Git-R-Done” on it.

“Dan Whitney, or Larry the Cable Guy, is actually from Nebraska and After Effect is a Nebraska-based business,” Haszard said. “His image is that rough-and-tough truck-driving guy. That fits pretty well with our product of aftermarket accessories for big pick-ups.”

According to Haszard, Whitney had the products installed on his own truck, a Ford F-250.

The products are available for Chevy, GMC, Ford and Dodge heavy-duty trucks. They come in chrome or black stainless steel and are sized at a 5-, 6-, or 7-inch diameter.