Adding Horsepower to Your Truck

Dec 2, 2009

You’ve heard the question, “How can I get more horsepower?” With the complexity of modern engines, there are several things you can do to get more horsepower.

The basic fundamentals of horsepower are air and fuel: the more air and fuel, the more power. And the more power, the more bragging rights you hold.

These bragging rights include better gas mileage, more towing power, better drivability, quicker throttle response and better acceleration. One main way to get more horsepower is to install a tuner or module.

There are many tuners or modules on the market and they do essentially three things to improve horsepower: First, they advance timing. Second, they increase duration by holding the injector open for a longer period of time. Third, they add pressure to get better fuel atomization.

Installing a tuner or module can take as little as 10 minutes, and it’s well worth it.

First, a tuner or module will allow you to be in control of timing and better help your engine’s ability to inject fuel. When your cylinders are stroking, advancing the fuel spray when the cylinder is closest to top dead center will allow more fuel to be burned. According to our basic formula of, “more fuel equals more power,” this is a good thing.

One tuner or module will help improve timing, but be careful if you like to stack your turners or modules. If two are working on improving timing, you may advance timing too much and harm the engine.

The second way that a tuner or module will increase power is to give your injector a longer duration. By increasing the duration, more fuel, which equals power, can enter the piston cylinder.

Improving duration can run the risk of draining your fuel rail on common rail systems. If you have too wide a duration, the pump will have a hard time pumping your fuel from the gas tank, through the filter and out the injector. Draining your fuel rail will actually give you less power. Always run your truck according to the tuner or module’s specifications.

The third way a tuner or module gives you more power is by getting better fuel atomization. Basically, you need to increase pressure. By increasing pressure, you get the same amount of fuel in greater amounts of droplets. More pressure can give you better gas mileage, less engine heat and a noticeable difference in horsepower. But beware, more pressure may cause cracked injectors.

By adding a tuner or module, you improve timing to advance fuel injection duration by holding the injector open for a longer period of time and adding pressure to get better fuel atomization. These improvements give you more power and better acceleration, throttle response and towing power. They also improve your gas mileage both with your truck loaded and unloaded – not to mention a long list of bragging rights.