Accessory-Loving Jeep Owners Now Have Six-Wheeled Option

Sep 13, 2013

While two heads often are better than one, six wheels can surely be more beneficial than four. The Long Ranger JK6, a six-wheel drive Jeep JK Wrangler built by Stanton, Calif.-based Wild Boar Products, is no exception.

Chris Duncan, owner of Wild Boar Products, designed the JK6 to compete with four-wheel drive vehicles. The vehicle took Duncan less than a year to build, and the company completed testing of the JK6 a few months ago. Although a number of builders have created six-wheel JK Wranglers, the six-wheel capability of the JK6 makes it unique, according to Duncan.

“A lot of people can create a tag-axle Jeep that has six-wheels, but not six-wheel drive,” said Paul Bloch, web developer for Wild Boar Products.

Whether it be sand dunes, mud, snow or rocky offroad territory, increased tire surface area and driveshaft capability allow the JK6 to crawl over any type of land, Bloch said.

The JK6 Long Ranger offers a conversion kit to turn a four-door, four-wheel JK Wrangler into a six-wheel all-terrain vehicle. Wild Boar can modify customer-owned JK Wranglers or order stock vehicles for customers seeking a brand-new vehicle.

The modification involves the addition of a stronger driveshaft in the vehicle’s front and a collapsible driveshaft in the Jeep’s rear, which allows six-wheel drive capability. The stock JK frame is stretched and gusseted and the fenders of the vehicles are lifted. The customer’s choice of wheels and bumpers are added. A Wild Boar front bumper and brush guard facilitates the addition of a 12,500-pound winch, which gives the JK6 the ability to pull another vehicle of its size, if necessary, according to Duncan.

The JK6 can carry 40 more gallons of fuel than stock JK Wranglers, allowing it to travel more than 1,000 miles without refueling. The vehicle’s fuel storage give it an advantage for offroad excursions, Duncan said.

“You end up being a gas dock for the guys because you can keep on going, and they have to turn around,” Duncan said.

Although the JK6 conversion kit also comes standard with a Wild Boar roof rack, insulated fiber glass hard top and other accessories, customization options for the vehicle are almost endless. It can be modified to serve commercial purposes through the addition of applications, such as snowplows, cranes and back hoes. Wild Boar also offers homeland security applications, like gun and accessory cases; and fire department applications, such as water tanks and lights.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life,” said Bloch. “It draw crowds. I’ve driven Lamborghinis, Corvettes, Porches-”you name it. They never attract the attention this six-wheel drive Jeep does.”

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Photos by Paul Bloc