7 Ways to Create Compelling Content

Dec 10, 2012

You’re a car guy, not a writer, but as social media marketing becomes more and more vital to growing and promoting your business, writing is another duty you have to assume.

It’s not enough to just post anything; you have to write interesting posts that will keep your audience engaged and, hopefully, encourage them to spend money in your shop.

“The success of your business is often tied to your ability to craft a compelling message and deliver it in a way that inspires customers to act,” Lisa Barone wrote in a recent Small Business Trends article. “It doesn’t matter if you fancy yourself a writer or not – in today’s market, you have to be.”

Barone shared these seven writing rules for creating compelling content.

1. Tell stories. “If you want to improve your writing, stop lecturing to people and to start telling them stories,” she wrote. “Stories that explain how your products can serve a consumer’s need, but which do so in a way that also exposes your brand a little and shows customers what’s behind the surface.”

2. Don’t hide. “Show people what you’re passionate about and let them see you getting all riled up about it,” Barone wrote. “Take stands that will mean something to your customers. Maybe you’ll lose some in the process, but you’ll also attract the people who fall on the same side of the fence. People who won’t just be customers of your business, but who will be engaged fans who will spread your word. That’s the audience you want.”

3. Experiment.“Improve your writing by experimenting with new media instead of getting caught in the same pattern of content,” she wrote. “The more you can try new things, the more energy and life you bring to you content.”

4. Master headlines. “A good headline generates interest, sets up your promise/benefit, and sparks emotion before the reader ever lands on your page,” Barone wrote, recommending small business owners visit Copyblogger for more ideas.

5. Use power words. “There are certain words that elicit an immediate response from when people when they read them-”words like suck, fail, overcome, seize-learn how to use them,” she wrote. “Selecting the right words for your message can heighten the impact that message has and help it spread to wider audiences.”

6. Write for one reader. “When you’re crafting any piece of content, write it as if you’re writing to one reader,” Barone wrote. “Talk to them like it’s the two of you in a room. Address them. It’s a simple change of focus when you’re writing, but you’d be surprised how dramatically it will change your words and help you captivate your audience.”

7. Have a benefit. “The goal of your content is to provide a benefit to the reader,” she wrote. “Know what your benefit is and make explaining it your sole purpose for that piece of content.”

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