6 Ways to Use the Facebook Timeline to Promote Your Shop

Aug 10, 2012

With all Facebook profiles and pages eventually switching over to the Timeline format, it’s important for small businesses to understand the different features the new format offers so they can continue to get the most marketing benefits out of the social network, according to Monika Jansen, a contributor to Grow Smart Biz. Jansen shared these six ways the Timeline can be used to market your shop in a recent post.

1. Make the most of a smaller profile photo. “You can create a special image to grab fans’ attention or experiment with the combination of the profile picture and cover image to create eye-catching effects,” she suggested. “[Y]ou can always use this smaller space for your company logo and save the larger cover image for more creative displays.”

2. Experiment with a large, bold cover image. “[U]se the cover image to enforce your brand with a relevant, communicative photo,” Jansen suggested. “You may also want to include pictures of your products or your team in this valuable piece of Facebook real estate.”

3. Channel your visitors with custom tabs. “Timelines has custom tabs, which link to applications, directly below the cover image,” she wrote. “The photos tab must remain in place, but you can customize the others to direct visitors to important information on your page, such as a new product announcement or invitation to an event.”

4. Highlight special announcements or sales pitches with pins. “You can create sticky posts with special offers for your customers by using Facebook’s pinning feature,” Jansen wrote. “These posts won’t get buried under your other Facebook content, so you can use them for time-sensitive deals or breaking news from your company.”

5. Draw attention to important posts with stars. “Starring posts is another way to highlight them, but instead of sticking to the top, they will remain in your Timeline as wide screen-style posts,” she wrote. “The larger size of starred posts make them stand out, so you can keep important information easily accessible for your fans.”

6. Study your competition’s Facebook activity. “According to blogger Raag Vamdatt, you can check out your competition on their Facebook page by clicking on the box with the number of Likes in it,” Jansen wrote. “When you click, Facebook displays insights-or analytics-about your competitor’s page. You can see how many people are talking about the page, study the page demographics and look for trends regarding new Likes, etc. You can use the information you gather to enhance your own Facebook tactics.”

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