6 Ways to Manage Your Shop’s Online Reputation

Mar 27, 2012

Whether trying to attract and retain customers from around the corner or across the country, having a web presence is essential. Customers are using the web to find your shop and also research what other people have to say about you and your work, so it’s important to make sure the right information is out there, according to a recent Small Business Trends article by Lisa Barone.

What can you do to make sure the best information about your shop can be found online?

Barone offered these suggestions:

Create a Website. “Some place where you can talk about your product/services, establish credibility, introduce your team, offer resources and be found for hyper-local keywords,” Barone wrote. Blog. “Producing content on a regular basis -¦ ensures there’s always something you can promote and be found for,” she wrote.

Get Involved in Social Media. “…find out where your audience is engaging online and set up a satellite community there,” Barone wrote. “Talk to your audience and let them get to know you on a more human level.”

Get Involved in Your Community. “Whether it’s sponsoring your town’s little league team, speaking at local events or putting together an industry-related group at the local high school, by getting involved in the community that you live in you help to build a positive reputation offline, which can then carry online when people write about your efforts, link to sponsors, etc.,” Barone wrote.

Guest Blog on Relevant Sites. “Guest blogging is a great way to build goodwill, establish industry credibility and introduce your company to people in other networks,” she wrote.

Solicit & Manage Online Reviews. “Make sure you’re not only doing what you can to encourage customers to leave reviews, but positively responding to any negative or neutral comments that may be there,” Barone wrote. “You not only help save that relationship, but you show everyone else who may find that review in the search results that you’re listening, you care and that you hear them.”

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