6 low-cost marketing techniques

Jan 10, 2011

From Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer Inc., Acworth, Ga.

Remember that people buy from people that they like, trust and with whom it is convenient to do business. The more familiar people become with a merchant and a brand name, the more favorable they feel toward it and the more likely they will do business with them when they become buy-ready. Omitting any one of the above components can diminish the impact of your campaign.

If you’re not already doing so, some relatively low-cost marketing techniques you may wish to employ include:

  • Writing “Did you know?” articles for local publications that educate prospective buyers as to when’s the best time to consider a purchase and what to look for when considering options;
  • Offering free presentations about restyled vehicles at community or civic groups to establish your company as the “go-to” expert in the industry;
  • Hosting open houses or invitation-only tours for special-interest groups (for example, members of local business associations, the Chamber of Commerce or private country clubs) to generate goodwill and showroom/lot-traffic;
  • Sending out press releases to newspapers and trade publications about new personnel, equipment or business activities;
  • Looking for inexpensive ad space in association directories, sports and theater programs and area guidebooks, as well as sending out branded e-mail (check out www.aceofsales.com for ideas on how to get your message out affordably);
  • Exhibiting at local or regional trade shows.