5 Ways to Manage Your Shop’s Social Media Presence

Apr 3, 2012

You’ve heard it a thousand times by now: your shop needs a Facebook page, your shop needs a Twitter account, start a blog, get a Flickr, post videos to YouTube. The benefits of these services are numerous, but not without costs. Though you don’t have to pay to belong to these sites, you do have to dedicate precious man hours to creating content and managing each account.

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) recently posted an article offering small business owners the following five ways to make social media management easier.

1. Make it a group effort. “If everyone in your company gets behind social media, it not only increases your visibility on the web, but the responsibility of updating and maintaining can be fairly shared,” the organization suggested. “Asking for every employee to rotate a day that they will keep an eye on the company’s social networks creates ownership and interest among employees.”

2. Keep a schedule. “Setting aside a few minutes a day for a quick scan of trending topics and customer reactions will help you keep on top of the social media new stream,” NFIB suggested. “If you enjoy reading the news headlines in the morning with your cup of coffee, tack on a few more minutes to scan Twitter, Facebook and other networks.”

3. Prioritize networks. “As most small business owners find themselves overwhelmed with learning and maintaining multiple social media technologies, try focusing on the networks that make the most sense for your business,” the organization suggested. “If most of your customers interact on Facebook, take the time to build out your page and information on Facebook so that you can join the conversation.”

4. Use a social media management dashboard. “Platforms like [HootSuite and TweetDeck] allow you to post, reply, and schedule comments for all of your company’s social media accounts in one easy format,” NFIB shared. “The dashboards they use to lay out all the different feeds and messages on all your networks [are] easy to navigate and allows you to have a pilot’s view over all your social media.”

5. Outsource your social media efforts. “If spending a few minutes each day on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like gives you anxiety, consider completely outsourcing your social media efforts to a vendor,” the organization suggested. “With so many networks and social platforms, specialty vendors have formed that are focused solely on managing and perfecting your business’ social media presence.”

To read the complete NFIB article, click here.