5 Ways to Make Employees Happy & Keep Them on Your Team

May 14, 2012

Often times when an employee quits, it isn’t about the money but about the environment in your shop.

As the boss, you play an important role is creating a shop culture that makes employees want to stay, according to Joel Garfinkle, who recently covered the topic for SmartBlog on Leadership.

“There are many factors that contribute to an undesirable work environment, but they all have one thing in common: It’s the manager who creates the environment who is ultimately responsible for driving employees away,” he wrote. “To retain talent, managers must find ways to provide a workplace culture that promotes productivity while keeping employees challenged, stimulated and fulfilled.”

Garfinkle shared these five tips for creating a positive environment for your employees:

Make work challenging. “People tend to enjoy their work more when there is some sort of challenge involved,” he wrote. “Solving problems invigorates people and makes them feel good about what they do.”

Empower your employees. “Employees who have some say in how they do their jobs tend to be happier and more fulfilled,” Garfinkle wrote. “Empower your employees by giving them the latitude to make decisions related to their jobs, even if that means allowing them to make mistakes now and then.”

Don’t overwork your employees. “One of the biggest reasons employees leave is because they are expected to do more work than they can handle,” he wrote. “If you lay off several employees and distribute their work to those who are left behind, you are going to end up with overworked and stressed out employees who can’t wait to leave.”

Ask them what they want. “You don’t have to wait until someone quits to find out what needs are not being met,” Garfinkle wrote. “Ask questions to determine potential problem areas and take steps to eliminate them.”

Show appreciation. “People love to hear that they’ve done a good job,” he wrote. “Give praise freely when it is merited; it costs nothing and does far more to keep employees happy and motivated than most tangible benefits.”

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