5 Ways to Get Your Website Ready for the Holidays

Oct 19, 2012

Your website could be seeing an increase in visitors as the holiday season approaches with people looking for gifts to give the enthusiasts in their lives or enthusiasts themselves planning out the dream project they want to start in the new year.

Is your website ready to welcome these new potential customers?

“Perhaps you haven’t refreshed or updated your website lately,” Jean Hendricks wrote in a recent article for the SCORE Small Business Success Blog. “Now is the time to seriously consider fine tuning this awesome marketing vehicle for the rest of 2012.”

Hendricks shared these five ways to get your website ready for increased holiday traffic.

1. Do you have at least one active social media account? “If yes, then now is the time to branch out and consider joining another social media site and growing your customer base,” she wrote. “Increasing your social network now will provide you with time to establish and nurture relationships before the holidays.”

2. Have you taken the time to register your business with various local directories such as Google Places? “If your website plan does not include this tool, then take time and do it yourself,” Hendricks wrote. “Submit your business information to several places. If you are managing the listings yourself then remember to keep a list of the directories you submitted your information to for future reference.”

3. Update images and add customer testimonials. “Do you need to create or obtain seasonal images? Start now to save yourself time and have this task done,” she wrote. “Consider sending an e-mail request to your customers asking for their feedback. This way you can post current client reviews on your website.”

4. Do you have your Web pages linked so customers can easily click from one page to another within your website? “This is an easy way to help increase your search engine rankings by building internal links as well as highlighting keywords and phrases on your Web pages.,” Hendricks wrote.

5. Do you have a Site Map? “The best benefit of this page is that it helps both visitors and search engine robots find specific pages on your website,” she wrote. “Is your site map current, and do you have it linked to your footer?”

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