5 Tips for Maintaining Your Brand’s Reputation

Dec 20, 2011

Even in the age of social media, your business’ success is still driven by your brand its reputation, so wrote Mary Rosenbaum, a personal branding strategist, in a recent Fox Business article.

“With all the hype surrounding social media, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball of what really drives your business,” she wrote. “But as an entrepreneur or small business owner, your top two areas of focus should be your reputation and your brand. It takes a great deal of time to build a strong reputation and very little time to destroy it.”

You develop your brand not just through the products and services you offer, but the way you interact with customers, according to Rosenbaum.

“Every experience your customers have becomes a memory with a story attached,” she wrote. “Your brand is only as strong as the type of stories people tell. Customers tend to spread stories about two things: what really upsets us, or what makes us really happy.”

Rosenbaum shared these five actions small business owners can take to maintain a strong brand and stellar reputation when providing services to customers: manage expectations and eliminate negative surprises, tell the truth, communicate regularly, under-promise and over-deliver, and price your work fairly for them and for you.

“If you communicate and collaborate with integrity and honesty you will feel better about dealing with your customers and they will have a better experience working with you,” Rosenbaum wrote. “Mistakes happen, issues occur, and circumstances change. Unless you take ownership and step up to accept responsibility, your brand will diminish in the eyes of those who work with you and your company.”

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