5 Tips for Engaging Your Facebook Followers

May 28, 2012

Getting customers to hit the “Like” button on your Facebook page isn’t the end of the story; you have to find different ways to attract their attention and keep them engaged with your shop, passing along news and information that will hopefully turn them from a fan to a paying customer.

During its recent redesign, Facebook added a number of new features that can help or hinder the engagement process, according to John Jantsch, who covered the topic recently for Duct Tape Marketing.

“The benefit of Facebook over other forms of engagement is that if you gain a high level of engagement with fans you can enjoy the added benefit of exposure to their networks as well,” Jantsch wrote. “The key, in my opinion is to spend what precious time I suspect you have for networking on Facebook focused on drawing conversation out of a smaller, but fully engaged group.”

Jantsch offered these five suggestions for getting your Facebook followers more engaged.

Focus on the wall. “[M]ost fans and friends don’t actually visit your page, they engage or read updates in their news feed,” he wrote. “So, in many cases adding all kinds of tabs and pages can go for naught. Focus your time on interacting within your own news feed and adding content to your wall.”

Enable public subscribers. “A few months ago Facebook gave you the ability to post content on your personal profile and allow public subscribers to see it,” Jantsch wrote. “Many people use their personal profile for both business and personal use and this effectively lifts the 5,000-friend limit and gives you the ability to share some content with public subscribers that are not listed as friends.”

Post direct. “Facebook doesn’t show everything you post to everyone that follows you,” he wrote. “They use an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine what gets shown. While nobody can give you the definitive answer on this one, there’s certainly substantial evidence that posting directly on your wall, rather than through some third-party apps gives your content a better chance of being seen as well.”

Add photos direct. “One tactic I’ve been experimenting with is to add my blog posts with a photo share,” Jantsch wrote. “So, instead of simply posting the link, which would add the image from the post as a thumbnail, I add the image directly to Facebook and then add the link and description.”

Build interest lists. – “Another recent addition is the ability to build lists that others can subscribe to,” he wrote. “I like this tool because you can build some engaging lists around topics and draw people to subscribe, but you can also view the updates of only these list members like a news feed and easily interact with them. One of the well-worn tactics for getting more engagement on your own wall is to engage others authentically on their walls.”

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