5 Questions With Matt Farah of Adam Carolla’s ‘The Car Show’

Sep 14, 2011

“The Car Show” is a new show that recently premiered on the Speed network that covers the world of cars. The show features comedian Adam Carolla, Wall Street Journal automotive journalist Dan Neil, ex-NBA star John Salley and Matt Farah of the car blog TheSmokingTire.com.

“‘The Car Show’ is an informed hour of wit and wisdom on all things automotive,” according to its producers. “From Indy to the Concourse d’Elegance, the hosts cover wide ground, from test drives to vintage auto tributes, challenges, races and Adam’s singular humor-filled segments.”

Hotrod & Restoration Associate Editor Ashley Smissen asked panelist Matt Farah to fill HRR readers in on why they should be watching the show, which airs every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on Speed.

HRR: What can viewers see if they watch “The Car Show?” Do you cover classic cars as well as late-models?

Matt Farah: It’s a show about cars but we don’t stick to one topic for long. We like to cover all kinds of different cars and all the fun things you can do with them. We will have a whole episode about muscle cars, past and present, and we drive some pretty choice 1960s muscle cars in that segment.

HRR: What makes “The Car Show” different from other shows on the air?

Farah: It combines some elements of the best kind of shows, from “Best Damn Sports Show” to “Top Gear,” but without a script. When you hear me, Dan, Adam and John voicing our opinions, that’s as real as it gets. Whether or not you agree with what a journalist or host has to say about a particular car, the most important thing is that the guy is giving a real, honest opinion that wasn’t written for him by a producer or driven by ad sales.

HRR: What has it been like working with Adam Carolla?

Farah: Adam is a really funny guy and knows everything there is to know about every car he’s ever owned, which is quite a few! His timing is impeccable when it comes to comedy and he’s much better unscripted than when someone tries to tell him what to say. He’s definitely more of a fan of the vintage metal than most of the new stuff out there.

HRR: You have an eclectic mix of talent hosting this show. How did the cast come together and why does this formula work?

Farah: Mandt Bros. Productions put the cast together and, honestly, I didn’t know how it would go until we all sat down in a room together and started talking about stuff. I think it works because we actually get along, have strong opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them. Dan and I are like two sides of the same coin; we’ve got the same, crazy bank of car knowledge [but] we chose to deliver it in completely different ways.

HRR: What’s been the most fun experience you’ve had so far filming this show?

Farah: I’ve had a really crazy time doing some of the films! Driving tanks in Minnesota was pretty amazing. I also loved testing the Ariel Atom and KTM X-Bow in the rain in Seattle, and my attempt to drive from Mexico to Oregon on a single tank of diesel fuel is a film not to be missed! I [also] got to watch Adam nearly crash the Batmobile into a parked car while dressed as Robin!

To check out Matt Farah’s Internet Show, visit www.thesmokingtire.com/. For more information on “The Car Show,” click here.