5 Low-Cost Ways to Keep Employees Happy

Aug 29, 2011

Rewarding employees for a job well done doesn’t have to send your already-strapped business further into debt. There are many ways to show your gratitude and keep your employees happy, five of which were outlined in a recent BNET article by Kira Gould.

1. Offer something special. “Don’t go crazy here, just think of simple ways to create a friendly environment,” Gould wrote. “Providing snacks on Fridays, or a ping pong table for break time might be just the ticket to helping your employees understand that you appreciate their efforts.”

2. Share control. “Take a look at your workforce and your schedule and introduce some flexibility if there’s room for it,” Gould wrote. “You don’t have to give everyone every Friday off (most businesses can’t go that far) but most workers will warmly welcome occasional, seasonal, or permanent flexibility options.”

3. Share the load. “Let [employees] engage in defining their jobs and helping make decisions about company resources and more,” Gould wrote. “That sense of ownership will not only boost their morale, but it may help boost their productivity as well.”

4. Offer no-interest loans. If you can afford to, and you work out the details with your accountant, this is “a supportive gesture that will not go unnoticed,” Gould wrote.

5. Show your appreciation. “People at all levels appreciate being appreciated, but it doesn’t have to come in the form of a fat check,” Gould wrote. “Many people respond to a simple-and specific-‘thank you’ from their managers.” To read the complete BNET article, click here.