4 Success Tips From Happy Entrepreneurs

Sep 27, 2011

Is it possible to start and run a new business while staying happy and sane?

Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams, founders of In Good Company, a community workspace for women business owners in New York City, think so, and have explored the concept in their new book, “The Big Enough Company.” BNET shared four secrets happy entrepreneurs know from the book in a recent article.

1. Stamina matters. A few best practices: learning to set boundaries, delegating work, keeping a clear focus on goals and employing small steps toward progress.

2. Success isn’t about size. Lancaster and Abrams encourage entrepreneurs to generate their own definitions of success, which may include numbers and metrics but acknowledge that bigger isn’t always better.

3. You must learn to say no. “Successful entrepreneurs cultivate their own restraint, saying no quickly and frequently in order to stay on track,” according to Lancaster.

4.  Admit what you don’t know (comfortably and openly). “Openly admitting knowledge gaps is as important as comfortably asking for help,” Lancaster said. “Most people are hesitant about displaying this much vulnerability, but entrepreneurs know that their survival depends on it.”

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