4 Phrases to Avoid When Dealing With Customers

Dec 10, 2010

BNET contributor Michael Hess has shared his list of four phrases companies should avoid when speaking with customers and offers more-productive alternatives.

“The very specific ways in which we speak to our customers can make all the difference in the world,” he wrote. “The qualities of real customer-focused speech can be so subtle as to seem like nuance. But this is an area in which a little goes a long way, and one in which a surprisingly high number of companies fall short.”

The phrases Hess suggests companies avoid are “I can help who’s next,” “You need to/You’re gonna have to/I need you to,” “I don’t know who told you that, but…” and “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.”

In the article, he offers alternatives that are more customer-focused.

“Most customers begin an interaction expecting a blah experience at best, while hoping against hope to be pleasantly surprised,” Hess wrote. “If your company is the one to deliver that surprise, it will pay dividends…and it costs you nothing but common sense, compassion and a dose of the golden rule.”

Get Hess’ alternatives by reading the complete BNET article here.