3 Ways Your Shop Can Maximize Twitter

Jan 10, 2012

If used properly, Twitter can raise your shop’s profile and bring in new business, according to SEO consultant Rae Hoffman-Dolan, who shared the following three ways small businesses can get the most out of Twitter in a recent article for OPEN Forum.

1. Build relationships first, business second. “Twitter is a networking tool for local businesses, not a new way to make a sales pitch,” Hoffman-Dolan wrote. “Later, it can be a referral tool. You wouldn’t walk into your local Chamber of Commerce meeting shouting your latest special when people say hello. And you shouldn’t do it on Twitter. It’s not that you should never mention your business, but that mention shouldn’t be more than a single-digit percentage of your tweets.”

2. Make local connections. “Look at the bios of the users in your city and see what they’re tweeting about,” Hoffman-Dolan wrote. “Follow those you think you can find something in common with or that you’d be interested in learning more about. Remember that your goal is not to advertise your services but to form local connections, much like you would at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. I tell people to follow those you’d be interested in having coffee with if Twitter were real life.”

3. Find media contacts. “Twitter can be a great tool for gaining traditional media exposure for your business,” Hoffman-Dolan wrote. “Thousands of journalists use Twitter. Just as you can seek out your local community on Twitter, you can find the media that are local to you or are specific to your niche.”

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