3 Ways to Make Facebook Ads Work for Your Business

Jul 28, 2012

Ads are one more tool Facebook offers small businesses to boost their online presence.

Using the social media site’s ads to your shop’s best advantage can be challenging, according to Amy Porterfield, co-author of “Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies,” who recently covered the topic in an Enterpreneur.com article.

“Many people can be intimidated by the thought of spending money on Facebook advertising,” she wrote. “Yet business owners’ biggest complaint about Facebook is that getting measurable results is extremely challenging. How do you get more fans? How do you get fans to interact? And what happens then?”

Porterfield shared these three strategies for making the most out of Facebook ads.

1. Turn a status update into an ad to boost engagement and showcase services. “One of the best strategies is to turn a post on your Facebook page into an ad to increase that engagement score,” she wrote. “From your advertising dashboard, select your own page as the ad’s destination, select ‘A specific post on [Your Page Name],’ and then choose one of your recent posts from the dropdown menu. If you’re choosing a post to advertise something specific, try targeting ‘Only people who are fans of’ your page already (under Connections in your ads dashboard) to keep costs low and produce better results.”

2. Reduce costs and increase conversions by targeting your existing fans. “Consider starting with a campaign that targets only existing fans if you have a fan base of 1,000 or more,” Porterfield wrote. “Facebook charges less per click for such ads and you have the added benefit of increasing engagement with your fans and getting them talking again.”

3. Use engagement ads to get more fans. “If you need to attract more fans to your page, consider using engagement ads,” she wrote. “These are ads that keep users inside Facebook, meaning when someone clicks the ad it will take them to a Facebook page vs. an external website. And because they advertise destinations within Facebook, users can simply hover over the ads to ‘Like’ your page, add a comment or share in their News Feeds.”

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