3 Easy Website Updates to Make in 30 Minutes

Oct 31, 2011

To keep current and potential customers visiting your web page, you have to provide them with interesting, engaging and up-to-date content. But when you’re working on several builds, managing a staff, answering phone calls and doing the office work, you don’t have much time to spare for your website. All you need is a few minutes to keep your website current and engaging, according to Melanie Rembrandt, a search engine optimization copywriter, public-relations consultant and social media/content strategist.

In a recent Startup Nation article, Rembrandt offered three tips you can follow to easily-and quickly-update your website.

1. Add a Link to Cool Information.

“Did you just read an interesting article in the newspaper, a news item on an industry site or even a ‘fun’ story that has nothing to do with your business?” Rembrandt wrote. “Well, if you thought it provided value, your customers probably will, too.”

2. Answer a Question.

“Have you received a lot of questions from your customers lately?” Rembrandt wrote. “Try to figure out the most-popular question in the last month. Then, take a few minutes to write the answer in a quick, Q and A column.”

3. Write an Update.

“How long has it been since you told your customers what the business has been up to?” Rembrandt wrote. “Write a quick letter to your customers and bullet point all of the new things happening. You can write about upcoming events, new partnerships and fresh benefits that you are providing to help fulfill customer needs.”

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