14 Elements of a Trustworthy Website

Jan 19, 2012

Is your website trustworthy? Do visitors feel confident enough to share their personal information, or even credit card information, with you?

“…there are the sites that don’t exactly look suspicious (and may in fact be legitimate),” Anita Campbell said in a recent Small Business Trends article. “But still… you don’t have enough information to be sure. No big brand name backs the site to give you confidence. The site has no contact information on it. And there’s nothing to indicate who or what company is actually going to fulfill your order or perform the services.”

To instill your site visitors with a sense of confidence in your website and company, your website should include the following, according to Campbell:

  • Full shop name
  • Your own domain name
  • Complete address and phone number
  • Contact Us page or form
  • About Us page
  • Photos of your projects and products
  • Description of your business, products, services
  • Customer testimonials
  • Trust seals and seals from industry associations
  • Media mentions
  • Lack of typos/grammatical errors
  • Shop logo
  • The best design or template you can afford
  • Social media follow buttons

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