10 Things You Should Know About Using Twitter

May 9, 2012

Twitter is a great tool to promote your small business, if you know how to use it best.

Recently, Heather Clancy shared the following 10 Twitter tips for small business owners on ZDNet:

1. Keep it simple. “Pick a Twitter handle or name that is easy to find and remember (and that doesn’t take up too much of the 140-character limit you will have to make comments),” Clancy wrote.

2. Listen. “Take time to ‘listen’ to other businesses like yours before you dive into making your own comments,” Clancy wrote. “Use search.twitter.com to find and follow the comments of business owners like you.”

3. Seek. “You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you but you definitely want to follow those people that you might want to have a direct conversation with over time,” Clancy wrote.

4. Share. “Don’t forget to follow your employees, so that you can retweet them or mention them when they are talking about things that relate to your business,” Clancy wrote.

5. Don’t be too formal. “Could someone respond to what you want to say easily?” Clancy asked. “Does it invite conversation?”

6. Establish frequency. “The more frequently you tweet, the more likely you are to build a network of followers,” Clancy wrote. “So, while sending a tweet every five minutes might be annoying (and might get lost), once a week just isn’t enough.”

7. Interact, don’t just broadcast. “The best way to come to the attention of others is to participate in conversations they are having, if they are relevant,” Clancy wrote.

8. Take it direct. “If a customer has a specific problem or question, for example, it might be better handled as a direct message exchange rather than a public interaction,” Clancy wrote. “Then again, if you think the resolution might interest everyone, you can solve it publicly.”

9. Be relevant and interesting. “The more you are willing to share with your followers, the more engaged they will become,” Clancy wrote. “I can say from experience that this is true. Sending photos will inspire retweets and comments, as will relevant links to thought-provoking news articles and videos. Twitter is a great place to ask questions, because questions will almost immediately engage the reader. Offers and discounts are also likely to be passed along, which can help increase your Twitter following.”

10. Promote your Twitter identity in the real world. “Include your handle on business cards, advertisements, on your Website and blog – even on your packaging or bags,” Clancy wrote.

To read the complete ZDNet article, click here.