10 Social Media Rules to Live By

Jul 13, 2012

Many people start their own businesses because they don’t want to follow the rules; they want to be the one calling the shots.

Sometimes, though, life is made a little easier when you have a set of guidelines to follow. Creating, growing or improving your shop’s social media efforts is one of those cases.

Colin Sutton, U.S. director for OMD Word, the social intelligence arm of media agency OMD, recently shared the following 10 social media tips with Mashable.

1. Don’t Be an Island “If you’re planning a social campaign that’s not connected to the rest of your communications, marketing and media plans, then rethink it,” he recommended.

2. It’s a Brave New World-Accept It “The opportunity now is to connect through two-way communications with your customers across devices and media, and to time your messages accordingly,” Sutton advised.

3. Listen Up-and Not Just at the End of the Campaign “Social listening can and should impact planning, execution, optimization and results measurement,” he said.

4. Connect the Dots to Win “Make sure your teams are connected and working together on the same agreed-upon goals,” Sutton recommended.

5. Goals Can Unite and Ignite Your Efforts “Engagement as a goal is nebulous, so identify the most desired social actions, and design the user flow and related metrics accordingly,” he said.

6. Benchmark Relentlessly “Data is available,” Sutton said. “Find it and ensure your media teams and clients are working towards realistic goals.”

7. Long-Term Value Exchange Is Paramount “Quick hits are good, but meaningful experiences drive long-term relationships and build advocacy and love,” he advised.

8. Understand All of the Social Channels You Are Targeting, or Get Familiar With Them Fast “Nuances exist everywhere, so if you don’t understand how each channel works and how your customers live and breathe there, make sure you ask someone who does,” Sutton recommended.

9. Optimize Ruthlessly and Intelligently “Data should be consistently understood and learned,” he advised. “Know its availability and optimize it with each campaign not only in real-time, but also over the long term.”

10. Think About Eyes, Minds and Wallet When You’re Evaluating Success “Consider the consumer’s minds, brand health, net promoter score and measurements to gain a more complete understanding of your perception,” Sutton said.

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