Kristina Flees Yeingst

Kristina Flees Yeingst is the former editor and publisher of Auto Graphics magazine.

  • feature
    Jan 1, 2011

    High-Caliber Utility Vehicles

    Despite hard-hitting economic times, the smaller-utility vehicle market remains a promising niche for restylers. With the price of gas first…READ MORE

  • Dec 3, 2009

    5 Minutes With… Chuck Blum

    Restylers always share the big concerns - competition, prices, supplier relations, employee issues, cost of doing business and a whole host of other operational matters. But these challenging economic times have added a greater dimension… READ MORE

  • Dec 3, 2009

    Not Just One-Liners

    It is unquestionably a recurrent theme for 2009: This will be a critical year for many businesses due to a difficult economy. And the aftermarket is no exception. Despite the critical decisions being made every… READ MORE

  • Dec 3, 2009

    5 Minutes with… Ed Kim

    Green vehicles have proven themselves to be much more than a futuristic notion, with a few very recognizable models roaming streets across the nation. But with gas prices down and the economy in a state… READ MORE

  • Dec 3, 2009

    A Greener Sport Compact

    Although the record-high gas prices of last summer seem to be a distant memory, consumers know that high rates will undoubtedly return soon enough. And that's only part of the motivation so many people have… READ MORE

  • Dec 3, 2009

    PPF: And Now For Something a Little Bit Different

    In spite of current economic uncertainty, and at a time when most companies are scaling back and recording losses, the paint protection film market appears to be stronger than ever. With so many different applications,… READ MORE